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Understanding Osteoarthritis

As you get older, you’re finding that your joints are becoming more stiff and painful, and you’re starting to reconsider some activities because of the discomfort. The odds are that you have osteoarthritis, which we discuss here.

Oct 11th, 2021
Four Causes of Hip Pain

Your hip has developed a constant ache or an occasional throb, and you’re wondering whether it’s overexertion or the sign of another issue. Here, we take a look at four common causes of hip pain and how we can help.

Sep 8th, 2021
How Your Posture Could Be Contributing to Your Pain

Sure, your mother may have scolded you for slouching, but poor posture is far more problematic than you might think, as it can lead to pain. So, if you won’t listen to your mother, let us try to convince you.

Aug 12th, 2021
Can a Better Diet Help You Manage Pain?

The expression, “Garbage in, garbage out,” very much applies to your body. What you eat has a direct effect on your body, including its ability to ward off pain. Here’s a look at how you can find improved relief through your diet.

Jul 21st, 2021
Complications of Untreated Back Pain

Your back is in pain, day in and day out, but you grit your teeth and plow forward, refusing to acknowledge the problem. Soon enough, the pain takes on a life of its own, creating a host of new issues.

Jun 29th, 2021
Common Causes of Chronic Pain

Chronic is a term you rarely want to hear when it comes to your health, especially when it involves pain. Unfortunately, chronic pain is prevalent, but we do offer many solutions that can bring you relief.

May 13th, 2021
5 Treatments for Sciatica

When sciatica strikes, even the smallest movements can cause shooting pain down your back and leg, making finding relief a top priority. Here are five frontline treatments for sciatica that will help you move again with ease.

Apr 12th, 2021
Joint Pain: Why Proper Diagnosis Is Important

Your joint begins to hurt, but you ignore the nagging pain, unfortunately, at your peril. We want to make the case for seeing us at the first signs of pain in your joints, as early intervention can make all the difference.

Mar 7th, 2021
When to Consider Radiofrequency Ablation

It can be hard to get on the road to relief because of the hurdle that the pain creates. With radiofrequency ablation, we take care of the pain so that you can find longer-lasting solutions for spine and joint problems.

Feb 18th, 2021
Trigger Point Injections for Sports Injuries

When a knot or spasm in your muscles develops as a result of your active lifestyle, trigger point injections are a great way to release the tension and get you back in the game. Here’s a look at how this quick-and-easy treatment works.

Jan 7th, 2021
The Emotional and Mental Impact of Chronic Pain

Few things can hijack your emotional health the way that pain can, but when the pain becomes chronic, it can lead to serious mental health issues. In the following, we explore how pain can become much more than an unpleasant sensation.

Dec 6th, 2020
How to Manage Arthritis During the Colder Months

As winter ushers in colder air, you brace for more joint pain. Instead of succumbing to the added discomfort, you can take a few steps, quite literally, to keep arthritis pain at bay. Here’s what you need to know.

Nov 6th, 2020
Is Sciatica Fixable?

Sciatica is one of the more common problems that can develop in your lower back and one of the most treatable. That said, tailoring a treatment to your unique situation and goals is important.

Oct 15th, 2020
Little Known Causes of Knee Pain

Your knees are among the hardest-working joints in your body, which puts them in the direct line of fire when it comes to injury and progressive conditions like arthritis. But not all knee pain stems from common problems. Here’s a look.

Sep 17th, 2020
When to Consult a Doctor About Lower Back Pain

When lower back pain strikes, the effects can be far-reaching, making even the simple act of getting out of bed in the morning almost unbearable. Deciding when you should seek treatment depends on a few factors, and we discuss them here.

Aug 18th, 2020
When to Visit a Doctor After a Car Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s all you can do to process the damage — to your car, to others, and to yourself. And even if you seem physically unhurt at the scene, once the adrenaline wears off you may find that you’re really not OK.

Jul 27th, 2020
Natural Approaches to Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis has no cure, which leaves you struggling to find the best techniques for managing the pain. While there are plenty of interventional therapies, there are equally as many effective all-natural approaches.

Apr 7th, 2020
Dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at an Office Job

If your working life relies on your ability to tap away at a keyboard, you can ill afford to be dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome. Luckily, there are treatments that allow you to continue to work should the condition develop. Here’s how.

Oct 1st, 2019
Why You Shouldn't Wait to See a Doctor After a Fender Bender

There are a whopping six million car accidents each year in the United States, injuring three million people, two million of whom sustain permanent damage. Here’s why you should seek immediate help after a car accident, even if it’s just a fender bender.

Sep 1st, 2019
Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Sciatica Pain

If you’re in the throes of sciatica, even reaching down to pet the dog can cause agonizing pain. Here are some tips to weather — and reduce — sciatica pain.

Aug 1st, 2019
Living with Arthritis

Tens of millions of people in the United States deal with the pain and limitations of arthritis on a daily basis. Here’s a look at a few of the ways they make their lives better.

Jul 1st, 2019
I'm Over 50 -- Is Chronic Pain Normal?

You’ve turned 50 and you no longer jump out of bed with a spring in your step. Instead, you grunt your way through getting dressed and wince every time you move certain joints. Is this normal?

Jun 1st, 2019
The Importance of Pain Medications and Why They Do Work

Chronic pain interferes with daily tasks, your work, and your mood. Finding solutions to pain can improve your quality of life so you can enjoy the things you love to do. Pain medications are often a valuable part of a treatment plan.

Apr 10th, 2019
5 Risk Factors that Can Lead to a Herniated Disc

If you’re suffering through the pain of a herniated disc, you may have wondered what led to the condition in the first place. Discover how weight, smoking, wear and tear, injury, and your occupation might have increased your risk of a herniated disc.

Feb 1st, 2019
Steps You Must Take If You’re Injured at Work

On-the-job injuries require expert medical care and careful follow-through with all of the details of workers’ compensation. Learn more about what you must do to protect your health and your compensation rights after a work-related accident.

Jan 15th, 2019
Why Pain Following Auto Accidents Is Often Delayed

The trauma associated with a car accident can impact you both physically and mentally, and in ways that may not be apparent immediately after the accident occurs. Late-emerging pain symptoms are common after automobile collisions.

Dec 12th, 2018
4 Treatments That Can Eliminate the Need for Back Surgery

If you’re tired of living with chronic back pain, you don’t have to resort to surgery to find relief. Find out how stem cells, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), therapeutic injections, and medical marijuana can help put an end to back pain.

Oct 10th, 2018