The Most Common Work-related Injuries

The Most Common Work-related Injuries

Whether you work in an office on the 21st floor or in a delivery truck that traverses New York City, workplace injuries can, and do, happen.

At Advanced Spine Care and Pain Management, our highly skilled team routinely handles workplace injuries, helping our patients navigate the tricky workers’ compensation waters. To give you an idea of the types of injuries that occur, we thought we’d outline a few of the more common ones below.

Most common workplace injuries

The National Safety Council reports that work-related injuries and illnesses that caused missed work days in 2020 were dominated by COVID-19. In previous years, exposure to harmful substances or environments ranked only 6th. For the purposes of this discussion, we’re going to leave out COVID-19-related workplace injuries and concentrate on those that usually hold the the top three spots, which include:

Overexertion and bodily reaction

In plain English, these injuries occur on the heels of an intense physical effort, such as lifting something heavy and straining your back. In fact, back pain is the most common complaint when it comes to overexertion injuries. 

Also included in this category are repetitive use injuries, which develop over time and can include problems in all of your major joints, such as your knees, elbows, shoulders, and wrists (think carpal tunnel syndrome).

Slips, trips, and falls

Behind overexertion are slips and falls, which can happen in any workplace. Whether you trip over a computer wire or fall on a patch of ice outside your workplace, these types of injuries can lead to problems like fractures, soft tissue injuries (sprains, strains, and tears), and concussions.

Contact with objects and equipment

These workplace injuries involve things that hit you or things that you may bump into, in most cases. These types of contact injuries mostly occur in transportation, warehouse, and agricultural settings.

Typically in the number four position (it was bumped to number five in 2020 due to COVID), are transportation accidents.

Helping you through your workplace injury

Not only are we spine health and pain management specialists who can help you recover more quickly from your workplace injury, we also help you with workers’ comp and disability claims. 

Of course, our first goal is to get you comfortable, which we can do through medications, injections, regenerative medicine, and medical marijuana. For the “pain” that comes with dealing with bureaucratic red tape, we’re here to help guide you through so that you can still support yourself and your family when you’re unable to work.

If you’d like to learn more about our work injuries services, please contact one of our New York offices in Staten Island or Hartsdale, to set up an appointment.

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