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Dealing with a Social Security disability case may seem overwhelming. There are many steps you need to take before you can receive the benefits you’re entitled to, and the best partner in this process is your pain management physician. The team at Advanced Spine Care and Pain Management has the expertise to not only treat your injury but also to help you get the Social Security help you need. If you need help with a disability claim, book your appointment today at either the Staten Island or Hartsdale, New York, location via online scheduling or by phone.

Social Security Disabilities Q & A

What are the most common disabilities?

Some of the most common conditions that lead to Social Security disability claims are related to back pain, knee pain, construction accidents, and other on-the-job accidents. Although the reasons vary widely, disabling conditions all have one thing in common: They can be challenging to prove when you're trying to get Social Security disability benefits.

The team of pain management specialists at Advanced Spine Care and Pain Management have the experience and skill necessary to help you navigate the Social Security disability claim process successfully.

How can you help with my Social Security disability claim?

One of the crucial parts of any Social Security disability claim is proving that you're, in fact, injured. Your doctor at Advanced Spine Care and Pain Management documents your injury at every stage, starting with your first evaluation.

Once you begin treatment, your doctor details your response to each treatment. Although you may get significant pain relief from treatments like oral medication, injections, stem cell treatments, platelet-rich plasma injections, or medical marijuana, there may be situations when you simply can't avoid long-term disability.

If this is the case for you, your doctor at Advanced Spine Care and Pain Management verifies your disability ensures that it's thoroughly documented for the Social Security Administration.

What if I’m turned down for Social Security disability benefits?

If the Social Security Administration denies your disability claim, don't panic. Many claims are turned down the first time, and it may be a simple matter of needing additional documentation. The team at Advanced Spine Care and Pain Management can review your claim if it's turned down and take the steps necessary to improve the chances of approval upon appeal.

If your claim was denied while you were seeing another doctor, or before you sought treatment, the specialists at Advanced Spine Care and Pain Management can still help you get the benefits that you deserve.

Stressed about your Social Security disability claim? Get the help you need without delay. Click to book your appointment online or call the office to schedule today.